Who We Are

Sport Energy provides contract manufacturing of soft gelatin capsules exclusively for the dietary supplement industry. Sport Energy specializes in providing premium quality products in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system. At our manufacturing facilities, our state-of-the art equipment, professional and well-trained personnel, and exceptional customer service are at your disposal. We have the capacity to meet high volume demands as well as accommodate smaller jobs.

You can count on us to effectively meet your encapsulation needs in a reliable manner.

  • We produce and market branded products and turnkey custom formulations.
  • We specialize in creating unique, high value supplements.
  • We focus on ingredients that are difficult to encapsulate, fragile to work with, or difficult to absorb.
  • We offer numerous exclusive ingredients for softgel applications, many of which are patent-protected.
  • We develop new technologies that enhance nutrient bioavailability and functionality over traditional delivery systems.

Company History

Since its inception, Sport Energy has maintained its goal of providing high value-added products. Specifically focusing on ingredients that were difficult to absorb, difficult to encapsulate, or fragile to work with, Sport Energy has developed an array of proprietary technologies that allow its products to deliver superior results.


Sport energy has access to a portfolio of unique ingredients from around the globe. Having an international sales team enables us to export our softgels throughout the world. Sport Energy supports their exclusive products through clinical studies, extensive marketing and educational efforts. We are committed to helping customers effectively communicate the benefits of our products and be a reputable source of information.