All of the premium supplements manufactured by Sport Energy are produced on-site in a world-class facility. We have set the “gold standard” when it comes to making soft gelatin capsules. We have the capacity to meet high-volume demands as well as accommodate small production runs in a reliable manner. Each batch is manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices—our guarantee of quality, potency, and purity. Quality is constantly monitored during every step of the manufacturing process to achieve the highest level of technical excellence in softgel production.

We have invested millions of dollars to purchase precision, state-of-the-art blending and encapsulation equipment, which enable us to consistently manufacture the finest softgels for our customers. The encapsulation and inspection processes occur in temperature-controlled areas.

We are able to deliver quality products utilizing efficient equipment and manufacturing technologies on our production lines. Specifically focusing on ingredients that are difficult to absorb, difficult to encapsulate, or fragile to work with, we have developed an array of proprietary technologies that maximize a formula’s effectiveness and deliver superior results.

We offer the customer the full-spectrum package of manufacturing—from formulation to bottling. We can take a customer’s concept and deliver a product ready for sale. By having Sport Energy do the work, the customer can focus on branding and marketing the new product.

Third-party GMP registration and a Health Canada foreign site license reflect our uncompromising commitment to quality. BCA (formerly the BBB) membership provides our customers with the assurance that we are a trustworthy and ethical business. We are Halal Certified by ISA, which is recognized globally as validation that our products are compliant with Islamic dietary requirements.

All supplements offered by Sport Energy meet stringent state and federal regulations (current Good Manufacturing Practices) for the manufacture of dietary supplements, thereby ensuring purity, potency, and quality. Sport Energy also holds a foreign site license through Health Canada, which means that we have demonstrated that we meet good manufacturing practice requirements.