Branded Products

Since our company’s inception, we have built a collection of branded products, and we continue to add new items. The decision to brand a formula is a calculated one. We consider a supplement’s safety and efficacy, supporting clinical studies, and points of differentiation before adding it to our portfolio of brands. In addition, we align ourselves with respected raw material suppliers, who also invest in their brands and the science supporting their products. Our customers can be guaranteed that we support each of our branded supplements with extensive advertising campaigns, clinical research, educational outreach, and our company’s dedication to its success. Several of our branded product formulations have been granted U.S. patents, most of which are for significant technological breakthroughs in the area of nutrient bioavailability. Patents bring unique value and distinction to our brands.
We can help you create the perfect bottling solution for your nutraceutical product. Contact our Sales Team for more information.